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Good time for thyme!

The odor of this aromatic plant recalls the Provence (South of France) from its cuisine composed of colorful vegetables to the long summer afternoons of laziness relaxing under an olive tree and listening to the cicadas.

Provence is far, summer is far but thyme has such benefits that it is a good ally for the winter months.

Thyme contains lot of vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin A

Vitamin C



Pantothenic acid











Loaded with all these micronutrients, thyme has a lot of benefits:

- Powerful detoxifying agent

- Eases stress and anxiety with one of its composant, the carvacrol

- Eases digestion

- Antimicrobial and antifungal properties (acne, athlete's foot, etc.)

- Anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in preventing chronic inflammation in the body

- Helps with insomnia

- Cardiovascular benefits (combination of antioxidants)

- Controls blood pressure (leaves are rich in potassium)

During winter months, thyme is a great ally:

Great immune booster

Thyme is loaded with antioxidants which keep your body healthy by preventing infections.

Purifying agent

When someone in your house is sick, you can remove some airborne germs by boiling water with few thyme twigs;

Treatments of respiratory disorders (bronchitis)

Add two Tbsp of thyme to boiling water in a bowl, put your head above the bowl and breath the steam for few minutes.

Fighting coughs and sore throat

Prepare a thyme tea:

Steep two tsp of dried thyme or 3 tsp of fresh thyme into a cup of boiling water. Add some honey (optional).

Drink 2 to 3 cups daily for cold, flu or coughs.

Thyme is a wonderful herb year round for cooking or its medical benefits and we can count on it during winter season to stay even healthier!


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